Working Ranch Women of the Harney County Great Basin of Oregon - Workday Repair

The fine art of Michelle Severe specializing in western and wildlife

Michelle is a self-taught western and wildlife artist. She's been involved with art her whole life, balancing it with family, horses, and ranch life. These personal experiences are reflected in her artwork. Her various mediums include oils, pastel, pencil, pen & ink, glass etching, wood burning & scrimshaw.

Working Ranch Women Series

Michelle is in the process of fulfilling her own life’s experiences and visions. One of them is a series of working ranch women. She wants to acknowledge all of our hard working ranch women, it has been understated and long overdue in comparison to the men portrayed in art! This isn’t just about the art, it's about the strength, balance, and compassion women give to the lives they lead. She's been working on this project for years now, and there is plenty of live subject matter in her circle of sisters! The women she portrays are real, the subject matter is truthful and based on personal experience.

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